Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick Pic update

Weekly update just a few pictures! One Week of action. Wood has been ordered and framing should start 12-12-12.



whooa what are those!
Oh I get it. I am about to get walls!

Back! double welled

Is that window mine. Prob not but I like it.
So many have a lake. I have a storm management pond. (oh YEAH) I may be able to see the ducks from my bed room!
Location Location!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


So ..... I was in the area and decided to pass by my future Rome look down

Yes it's dark due to lack of street lights. Progress... My pre- construction is in 3 days and they are ready.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

Warning: the writer of this post (me) is having random thoughts while typing.

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

My 3rd 25th birthday was OCT 27 and a few days before I received a call from my SR! ( I love those calls)

MY START DATE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED FROM "FEB 2013 TO DEC 5 2012! Watch out cause my building pictures are coming sooner then later. I won't have to stalk a pile of dirt anymore. So while I wait for mt pre-construction meeting will be updating my blog with pictures, options, and other things going on in the community.  Currently I added a new tab/page which includes Romes in the Neighborhood and a few other random shots. Now for you viewing Pleasure my Lot Layout.

 That sure is some sexy square footage with a big backyard for my three girls.
I love corner lots. (Now its a dead end corner)

That pile of dirt between the blue car and red truck is all mine! (well in a few months)

 Coming soon (Top & Bottom)

Current picture a month prior to this post. I will take a new one tomorrow because many homes have sprouted.
 A few new homes in Nov 2012

I will have one block of towns right next to my house kind of like these....
Look at that backside. This is a view from the current back end of fieldside.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy update!

Options finalized and * Loan Approved* YAYAYAY

It has been a very busy two weeks but with great news to have a loan approval yet my home still has a delivery date of April 20th 2013 :-( ... Hope the time line can be shortened a bit. In my down time lets look at options.

Visit with Guardian went well. Love how they display your name so there is no confusion about your appointment. (blushing)

Added the speakers system, Security systems with outside cameras, 6 cable lines, extra phone in master bath room cuz you never know when you might need to call for more toilet paper, Lastly my Fav the intercom so I can monitor my three kids without having to see them.


Had a meeting with the rep Mr. Loven to review options. I took a few pics in the model home of the options I would like to see in my home.
 Standing on dove shell carpet to be used in the upper level and a basement.
 Dove Shell under different lights

 Wheat vanity tops in master plus kids bath rooms

 Surrounding of fire place

 NO HARD WOOD FLOORS this will be the color for the Stair rails (main floor will be all ceramic tile)

 Partial Brick with black door and black shutters

 Basement Lighting

Ladder bookshelf {Future purchase for the loft area}

 Older view of intercom plus speaker controls panel (LCD screen now)

 Upgraded cold box

Upgraded cookers

 Neighbors with The Rome on the same Block elevation B
(I chose Elevation C)

 French doors in morning room. I added the Double welled exit in basement to be placed under the three morning room window as seen the rome model home.

Thanks for stopping by.... come again.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Signed Purchase Agreement July 22 2012

Signed Purchase agreement and had a great time picking out colors/options. This is my 1st time starting a blog so bare with me. I have a meeting with Guardian tomorrow July 31 yet not sure what options I want so I decided to view a rome model local. (good luck right) The rome model is in VA and one hour from my house which means i am not driving there today. While driving around a local ryan homes community I found a rome the was just finished which to my surprise they allowed me to walk in and I decided to do my own video as a reminder for options. (should I share it)

Rome in bowie video ----->

Ok here are the colors I picked for my Home in Rome.
Kitchen and all main floors will be Top tile with room carpet in family room.

Guest upgrade bath on left Master upgrade bath on right. Same color cabinets as kitchen

This is the example of the elevation (C) with porch. Will have different colors.

I can't wait to watch my Rome being built. Till next time thanks for reading.