Saturday, November 24, 2012


So ..... I was in the area and decided to pass by my future Rome look down

Yes it's dark due to lack of street lights. Progress... My pre- construction is in 3 days and they are ready.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

Warning: the writer of this post (me) is having random thoughts while typing.

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

My 3rd 25th birthday was OCT 27 and a few days before I received a call from my SR! ( I love those calls)

MY START DATE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED FROM "FEB 2013 TO DEC 5 2012! Watch out cause my building pictures are coming sooner then later. I won't have to stalk a pile of dirt anymore. So while I wait for mt pre-construction meeting will be updating my blog with pictures, options, and other things going on in the community.  Currently I added a new tab/page which includes Romes in the Neighborhood and a few other random shots. Now for you viewing Pleasure my Lot Layout.

 That sure is some sexy square footage with a big backyard for my three girls.
I love corner lots. (Now its a dead end corner)

That pile of dirt between the blue car and red truck is all mine! (well in a few months)

 Coming soon (Top & Bottom)

Current picture a month prior to this post. I will take a new one tomorrow because many homes have sprouted.
 A few new homes in Nov 2012

I will have one block of towns right next to my house kind of like these....
Look at that backside. This is a view from the current back end of fieldside.