Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

Warning: the writer of this post (me) is having random thoughts while typing.

Happy Birthday gift from Ryan Home.

My 3rd 25th birthday was OCT 27 and a few days before I received a call from my SR! ( I love those calls)

MY START DATE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED FROM "FEB 2013 TO DEC 5 2012! Watch out cause my building pictures are coming sooner then later. I won't have to stalk a pile of dirt anymore. So while I wait for mt pre-construction meeting will be updating my blog with pictures, options, and other things going on in the community.  Currently I added a new tab/page which includes Romes in the Neighborhood and a few other random shots. Now for you viewing Pleasure my Lot Layout.

 That sure is some sexy square footage with a big backyard for my three girls.
I love corner lots. (Now its a dead end corner)

That pile of dirt between the blue car and red truck is all mine! (well in a few months)

 Coming soon (Top & Bottom)

Current picture a month prior to this post. I will take a new one tomorrow because many homes have sprouted.
 A few new homes in Nov 2012

I will have one block of towns right next to my house kind of like these....
Look at that backside. This is a view from the current back end of fieldside.


  1. Congrats! That's huge! How did it change by so much?

  2. I was put on the waiting list to move up my date if anyone was unable to start on time.

  3. I just found your blog. Congrats on the new date. I noticed the Waldorf sign and it caught my attention. We have family that lives there and we have been to visit. I loved the area. What a beautiful place to live!
    We are building in Ohio and close this week. You can check out my blog, it may help you with knowing what questions to ask and getting answers to yours.