Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy update!

Options finalized and * Loan Approved* YAYAYAY

It has been a very busy two weeks but with great news to have a loan approval yet my home still has a delivery date of April 20th 2013 :-( ... Hope the time line can be shortened a bit. In my down time lets look at options.

Visit with Guardian went well. Love how they display your name so there is no confusion about your appointment. (blushing)

Added the speakers system, Security systems with outside cameras, 6 cable lines, extra phone in master bath room cuz you never know when you might need to call for more toilet paper, Lastly my Fav the intercom so I can monitor my three kids without having to see them.


Had a meeting with the rep Mr. Loven to review options. I took a few pics in the model home of the options I would like to see in my home.
 Standing on dove shell carpet to be used in the upper level and a basement.
 Dove Shell under different lights

 Wheat vanity tops in master plus kids bath rooms

 Surrounding of fire place

 NO HARD WOOD FLOORS this will be the color for the Stair rails (main floor will be all ceramic tile)

 Partial Brick with black door and black shutters

 Basement Lighting

Ladder bookshelf {Future purchase for the loft area}

 Older view of intercom plus speaker controls panel (LCD screen now)

 Upgraded cold box

Upgraded cookers

 Neighbors with The Rome on the same Block elevation B
(I chose Elevation C)

 French doors in morning room. I added the Double welled exit in basement to be placed under the three morning room window as seen the rome model home.

Thanks for stopping by.... come again.


  1. APRIL?!?! Yikes! I hope they move that up for you! They built our house in less than 3 months!

  2. Hi Crystal, Congratulations on getting your loan approval and settlement date? When do they expect to break ground?

    It's funny, I have our selections blog post saved as a draft the with the same Guardian welcome sign! We were in the underwriting process for nearly six months so I held off from releasing our selections. I was just thinking about releasing it. Did you find another Rome model to visit? The model pictures look different. We had to travel to Bristow, VA to see a Rome model.

  3. Hey Crystal! We've built a Rome too (settlement is in 3 weeks!!) check us out and welcome to the ryan blog family