Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Signed Purchase Agreement July 22 2012

Signed Purchase agreement and had a great time picking out colors/options. This is my 1st time starting a blog so bare with me. I have a meeting with Guardian tomorrow July 31 yet not sure what options I want so I decided to view a rome model local. (good luck right) The rome model is in VA and one hour from my house which means i am not driving there today. While driving around a local ryan homes community I found a rome the was just finished which to my surprise they allowed me to walk in and I decided to do my own video as a reminder for options. (should I share it)

Rome in bowie video ----->

Ok here are the colors I picked for my Home in Rome.
Kitchen and all main floors will be Top tile with room carpet in family room.

Guest upgrade bath on left Master upgrade bath on right. Same color cabinets as kitchen

This is the example of the elevation (C) with porch. Will have different colors.

I can't wait to watch my Rome being built. Till next time thanks for reading.


  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome Crystal to RH Family Blog Land! We are building a Rome in Bowie. I saw the video of our next door's neighbor's home. Very nice! Create a "join this site" button to your blog so people can follow your journey. I would also love for you to follow our blog at and click on the join this site button. 

    1. P.S. Don't forget to turn off the captica button too! When it is on, people have to type in a password which drives us bloggers crazy when trying to leave a comment!! BTW--you must have met Angela, our Sales Representative. Are you in Piney Grove with Nikki?

    2. I am at St. Charles fieldside working with the RH agent LOVEN. (great guy) thanks for the revise, I will fix that now.

    3. Hi Crystal, I believe I came across that website during another search! I will check it out!!

      Gentle reminder: please join us at (click join)

      Happy Building and Blogging!!

  2. Welcome to blogging! I look forward to following your journey! Feel free to follow my blog at