Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick Pic update

Weekly update just a few pictures! One Week of action. Wood has been ordered and framing should start 12-12-12.



whooa what are those!
Oh I get it. I am about to get walls!

Back! double welled

Is that window mine. Prob not but I like it.
So many have a lake. I have a storm management pond. (oh YEAH) I may be able to see the ducks from my bed room!
Location Location!


  1. Congrats on your start! Exciting!

    You left a comment on my blog ( ) about not being able to get tile in your dining room. If I were you, I'd contact your flooring people directly and ask them to do it. They might have to wait until after closing, but I think most of them sell to the general public, and you can probably make arrangements for them to order it together with the tile for your build so it will be the same lot and match perfectly, and they can probably beat RHs price, too. We thought RH was going to tell us no because it took so long for them to give us our pricing, and I started asking at Rite Rug (they do all the flooring where we are) and it sounded like they may have been able to do that, though I didn't pursue it since RH came through in the end.

  2. This is great news, Crystal! Let the building BEGIN!!!

    I am surprised you can't get the flooring! Don't you work with M&R Flooring like we did? I saw them do a home with tile in the kitchen not to mention it was 24*24 tiles!!

  3. On our price list, the tile is a standard option in the kitchen, the foyer, the hall, the powder room and all bathrooms, but for some reason tiling the dining room was a special request, and they didn't tell us that until the last minute. They put us down for carpet in the DR when we asked for tile, and when we pointed out the error they said Rite Rug could fix it, and then when we went to Rite Rug they said anything that's not on the standard price list has to be sent back to RH for special pricing. We were less than a week from our scheduled start date (which ended up moved) before we got our tile approved.