Friday, February 1, 2013

Where have you been hiding!

Crystal where have you been?

I have been doing a lot of reading from mobile and very little posting. Having 3 children under 5, a cat, a poodle and a job keeps me very busy (plus I have my lazy spells). Don't worry because I bring pictures for you viewing PLEASURE! YAY! Lot of progress on my home which is due for closing on
FEB 28 2013!
 so lonely!

 Under wear
 Bricks! Stand with my PM Duane Cord
 3 Recessed lights
There are doors!
I see tops yet the cabinets were not here yet!
 The love my ceramic tile floors from the front door to the back door.

 The opener
Naked no more! cover in up with "silver mist"
Silver mist sliding
 Love my kitchen
 My Hers and Hers sinks as mine only.
 love the walk up
 NOW how did those cuties pop up here!
 The Kitchen Sink
 Door intercom- Room to room intercom- Music vol and source control
 The fire place is in but not finished. Is that me in there.
 Tub with Jets. The cut out will be a access door for any repairs to motor
 Water pourer :-)
 I was sitting on floor in basement
 Dining looking to front living room
 Feb 1st 2013

3 Recessed lights and porch wall light. We have power and the heat was on inside.
 Kids bathroom soup dish removed
Basement Bathroom


  1. Very nice... and cute kids!

  2. Great progress! Duane was our PM as well, we love him! I hate that he moved on. What's the name of your community?

  3. community name is field side in Waldorf, Md.
    I lovin him at the moment to, hopefully that doesn't change.